Dear Valued Customer

As you are aware the date for on boarding is 31 March 2023.  However, in the event that on boarding has not been done, SARS will issue individual letters to the clients concerned affording them 14 days to reach out for assistance and on board accordingly.  The South African Association of Freight Forwarders ( SAAFF) will monitor this process very closely and raise concerns that prove the said process difficult.  Should the 14 day deadline from date of issue of the said letter of notice not be acted upon the license will  summarily be suspended by SARS.

We are monitoring the situation carefully and will update our website where necessary.

It is imperative that all traders on board (below troubleshooting in respect of user rights and merging) a common issue experienced. 

from page 10, the guide hereunder provides a step by step guide in this regard,