Please note that Skyline Freight (Pty) Ltd ARE NOT and WILL NOT be changing our bank details.

Please be aware of a Michael Owens that is NOT employed at Skyline Freight (Pty) Ltd as the financial director. The person/persons posing as Michael Owens is attempting to commit fraud. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

Thank you for your understanding.

Delores Fritz

We would like to express to you our warmest admiration for your unfailing service to us. We greatly appreciate your efficiency in providing the best services. You have always delivered our orders within the time frame and you have given us a service that is of the...

Hanif Docrat

My heartfelt thanks for all the time and effort expanded towards the release of our urgent shipment. All your after hour’s endeavours with the Shipping line agents and transport company is highly appreciated. Your dedication in sorting out the delivery is held in high...

Bruce de Kock

Always appreciate what you do for us…Thanks very much to all involved, we have made our deadline.

Roelf Raath

In all honesty Skyline Group is without doubt, one of the best Service providers, which I and all my staff could always count on.

Ina van der Merwe

Skyline has established themselves as an extension of our company and we can¹t be successful without them.  They understand our core business.