Please note the updated sea freight landside charges come into effect on 1 April 2020 – as and when all the updates have been finalised you will be informed accordingly. Please note below regarding late clearance of all sea freight cargo:

Reminder that the SA Landside charges increase 1 April 2020. Skyline will keep you informed of the increase as and when received.

Important note: Transnet has implemented a penalty effective 1 April 2020, Should Navis not be updated prior to vessel arrival. Customers are required to provide a full set of clearing documents prior to vessel arrival in order for us to pre-clear all the sea freight shipments and obtain release from the shipping line. Enabling us to ensure that Navis is updated / assigned.

Penalties as follows, containers landing unassigned in Pier 1 or Pier 2 2020/21

  • 20 ft Containers R1156.00
  • 40 ft Container R1734.00
  • 45 ft Containers R2308.00

Failure to pre-clear sea freight shipments means we are not able to update Navis prior to vessel arrival. Containers that have not been pre-cleared and where Navis has not been updated will result in containers being classified as unassigned. Transnet will imposing a penalty as of 1 April 2020 on all “unassigned” containers. Please ensure we receive all necessary document prior to vessel arrival – allowing sufficient time for us to pre-clear your shipments and avoid these penalties.

We trust the above will receive your urgent attention.