Dear Customer,

European countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Greece and Spain have or will be implementing lockdown procedures due to a rise in the infection rate of COVID-19. Its likely other countries will follow. As a result, we have noted a reduction in passenger flights both to and from Europe.

Airfreight capacity is and will become constrained as a result it’s also likely that airfreight rates will increase due to the demand for space, this will be exaggerated as it is also peak season now. We will continue to liaise with our partners and carriers, monitoring the situation closely. Our overseas partners are operational, many of which have been and will continue to work remotely.

During this time there may be incidents where the movement of cargo may be affected due to restrictions imposed on transporters and ground handling agents in Europe.

Moving forward capacity and rates will be handled on a case by case basis, all rates quoted will be subject to changes and will be verified at the time of booking. Considering the above, we urge you to please try and plan accordingly, as difficult as that may be.

As the situation unfolds and we receive more information we will inform you accordingly.