We would like to bring to your attention a new system that will be implemented by our biggest Terminal in Durban, effective from August 31, 06h00.

The booking system will affect the trucks collecting and delivering containers. The booking system has been used briefly previously however was abandoned, it has now been decided that this will be re implemented.  The booking will be done for each container and not truck, this would mean that should the transporter have an unplanned urgent container for collection or delivery it cannot be substituted with a current booking. The current booking would have to be cancelled and a new one made and you may not get the same time slot. There are 120 time slots per hour over a period of 24 hours available.

Should the transporter not be able to re book they would have to go into the staging area and wait in line, it is possible these trucks will not be serviced.

The terminal has advised that they would not make any concessions for containers on storage or late arrivals to make the stack.

We will continue to do our best to work with the new system being implemented and to give your urgent cargo our highest priority. We would appreciate being notified as early as possible of any urgent unpack requirements due to line stoppage and deadlines. In order to affect our planning process, as we would have to bear in mind containers that have arrived first would also need to be moved.

Based on Navis and the containers being stacked and ready for collections, bookings will be made within the relevant time slot based on the availability of vehicles.