Please find herewith extract taken from the FTW Online, for your information
“The first of nine new tugboats, currently under construction at the Southern African Shipyards remises in Durban, is set for delivery in January 2016. Part of a R1.4-billion contract, it is already 35% complete while its hull and superstructure are 70% complete, according to TNPA programme  manager Eugene Rappetti, senior manager for marine operations. The first tug will be handed to the  Port of Port Elizabeth, followed by handovers every three months until the last one is launched in  early 2018.
Southern African Shipyards CEO, Prasheen Maharaj, said: “We have committed to ensuring that each  tug has a minimum of 60% locally manufactured components, while partnering with international  companies on the remaining aspects that cannot be manufactured here, for example the engines  and propulsion units.” Two tugs each will be allocated to the Ports of Durban, Richards Bay and Port  Elizabeth, while Saldanha will receive three tugs.”