Skyline Global Logistics is an accredited Customs clearing agent linked to the South African Revenue Services (SARS) via EDI, allowing efficient and effortless submission of documents for Customs clearance. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, our Customs department is well equipped to handle most Customs related matters including compliance management such as:

  • Customs clearing
  • Tariff Classifications/Determinations
  • Valuation rulings
  • Acquittals
  • Handling permits
  • Rebate clearances
  • Carnet cargo
  • Customs stops

Importer / Exporter Registration

Please feel free to download the DA185 Importer and Exporter Registration forms:

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What Our Clients Say

We would like to express to you our warmest admiration for your unfailing service to us. We greatly appreciate your efficiency in providing the best services. You have always delivered our orders within the time frame and you have given us a service that is of the best quality.
Delores Fritz
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