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Bridging the gap between finance and growth

As a result of our collaboration with our financial partners we are in a position to provide our customers with a variety of Trade Finance solutions which will enable these businesses to reach their full potential.

Cash flow restricting your business?
We can provide your business with the ability to make direct payments to, or establish letters of credit in favour of foreign based suppliers of products and raw material. The term of our finance is based on your business’ cash cycle thus allowing the business to procure goods from their supplier, sell the goods and collect the debt without pressure on cash flow.
Are you looking for simplification of your import processes in addition to finance?
With our integrated trade and logistics finance package, we are able to provide “turn key” solutions to businesses for their imports. These solutions would include funding of both the cost of the goods and the related freight and transport disbursements. The result is a complete match of the cash conversion cycle of the imported product and the term of finance offered.
Purchase order finance may be the solution to those large orders
For those businesses awarded purchase orders from creditworthy buyers, we are able to facilitate the import, shipping, clearing and final delivery to the end customer giving the business the ability to execute confirmed purchase orders which ordinarily would have been challenging to deliver on due to financing constraints.
Warehoused inventory finance to assist in securing better pricing
An integrated import finance and warehousing solution is most suitable to businesses needing to both short-circuit long supplier lead times by importing higher quantities at once or to secure better pricing due to minimum order quantities and also to outsource warehousing for the additional product in close proximity.

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We have only dealt with Skyline for the last year but we have not looked back. Their customer service and professionalism are of a very high standard and we would recommend them to anyone looking for a freight forwarder.
David Nourse
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